Who We Are

Our faculty and teams at the University of Virginia’s School of Education and Human Development focus on quality, equity, and actionable data to improve early learning experiences.

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Our Leadership

Faculty across UVA’s research centers, including CASTL, EdPolicyWorks, and VLP, are nationally recognized leaders in guiding the design of effective early childhood education programs.

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Our Partnerships

Our faculty and research teams work collaboratively with teachers, program leaders, and policy makers to make high-quality early learning come to life in the field.

We use the latest research in development and learning to promote high-quality early learning experiences

What We Care About

Our children are our future. When we build a strong foundation of accessible and high-quality learning experiences during their youngest years, we build the strongest foundation for our community’s future success.

High Quality

If the quality of early childhood education experiences is not high, then there will be no return on investment. 


Children from all socio-economic, racial, ethnic, and regional backgrounds should have access to high-quality, equitable early learning opportunities.

Actionable Data

Parents, educators, and leaders need actionable data that they can use to make decisions, improve instruction, and create effective policy.

We should strive to be great and good in all that we do. Think world class university with a heart and soul whose highest calling is to serve the public.

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Young Minds, Unlimited Potential

An investment in the earliest years of life is one of the best we can make for our children and society. See why the early years matter so much for children’s later learning and success.

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Transforming Early Learning

Our faculty and staff collaborate with educators, school leaders, and policy makers to translate what we know about effective early learning experiences into the practice of what we do.