November Topic of the Month: Teacher-Child Relationships

How do we build relationships with children in our classroom and establish a safe, inviting learning space for all?

Teacher and child wearing masks while playing with blocks


Building Strong Relationships

In this 15-minute webinar, educational coaches Stephanie Adams and Caitlin Powell talk about how we can foster and maintain relationships with young children in a virtual, hybrid, or socially distanced classroom environment.

three preschool boys sitting at a table


Disrupting Racial Bias in the Classroom

Stanford University’s Jennifer Eberhardt discusses the power of racial bias and how to disrupt it in our relationships with children. 


Fostering Relationships

There are so many quick ways you integrate and focus on relationship building in your classroom. Whether you are virtual, hybrid, or fully in-person, these strategies, books, and games can help teachers connect with children in fun and engaging ways.


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