June Topic of the Month: Executive Function

Learn how you can support a critical set of skills that helps children focus, use their working memory, and think flexibly

child concentrating while playing

Focus and Attention

With your support, preschoolers are increasingly able to sustain their focus and attention on a given task. Take a look at how you can help children develop this important skills through fun and engaging activities.

following recipe instructions

Working Memory

Preschoolers are just beginning to develop their working memory skills. Learn ways you support their learning by giving simple directions, using visuals, and playing games that develop memory.

children moving in the classroom

Cognitive Flexibility

Being able to think flexibly and approach problem solving from multiple angles is a valuable skill! Learn how you can begin to support children’s cognitive flexibility in these early years.

School leaders planning together


Resources for Leaders

The ECE Resource Hub is full of ideas to help you plan and provide great PD. 

We’ve devoted a section of our site to serve as a starting place for leaders. Review our resources, watch our overview video, or sign up for a 1:1 conversation with one of our experts.

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