Topics of the Month

Each month, we present a series of resources focused on supporting children’s social-emotional skills


Supporting Sense of Self and Fostering Empathy

This month, we focus on supporting young children’s growing sense of self, as well as their ability to empathize and relate with others. As teachers, we can help children learn to celebrate their own individuality, respect differences, and care about each other. Check out our selection of books, activities, and webinars to help you focus on these important life skills.


Supporting Children's Emotions

How do we support children to recognize, describe, and work through a range of emotions? View our selection of free and readily available resources, all focused on the topic of emotions. We included evidence-based strategies you can use to help children work through strong emotions in any setting.


Teacher-Child Relationships

How do we build relationships with children in our classroom and establish a safe, inviting learning space for all? We provide quick ways you can integrate a focus on relationship building, whether you are engaged in virtual, hybrid, or socially-distanced instruction. And, we explore the topic of disrupting racial bias in the classroom.