Modifying Transitions and Routines

Strategies for helping children to stay engaged and successful in the classroom

Transitioning from one activity to the next can be a very challenging time for children and teachers. In this suite, we explore how to best support children in transitions. We’ll learn how to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, and we’ll also see the importance of consistent routines.

Critical Skills Highlighted

Giving Clear Expectations

Well-organized transitions and routines help children understand and remember what to do.

Creating Reliable Routines

Consistency makes children feel safe and helps them to know what to expect. Both help children engage successfully in the classroom.

Using Engaging Transitions

Use songs, tasks, and short activities during transitions to avoid wait times that can lead to challenges.


Effective Transitions

In this lesson, we explore what an effective transition is, why it’s important, and what it looks like.


Spotting Effective Transitions

In this lesson, you’ll have a chance to spot the key elements of an effective transition.


Effective Routines

In this lesson, we cover effective routines, why they matter, and what they look like.