Supporting Children's Positive Behaviors During COVID-19

Understanding implicit bias and setting fair expectations can support children’s positive behaviors across learning environments


Supporting Children's Positive Behaviors

In this webinar, educational coaches Stephanie Adams and Caitlin Powell present strategies we can use to support children’s positive behaviors in a hybrid or physically distanced classroom environment.

Girl wearing a face shield and using a helper chart


Webinar Highlights

Children show more positive behaviors when they are engaged and know what to do.

Children need clear directions and activities that are just right so they can fully participate.

Our implicit biases influence how we support behavior in our classrooms.

Studies show that Black preschoolers are suspended or expelled from school more than White children even when their behavior is the same. When we are aware of our biases, we can lessen their impact on children.

We can support children’s positive behaviors in any setting.

In this webinar, we share strategies for intentionally supporting children’s positive behaviors in virtual, hybrid, and physically distant in-person settings.