Supporting Strong Emotions During COVID-19

How do we validate and support children’s strong emotions as they adapt to a new and evolving learning environment?


Supporting Children's Strong Emotions

In this 20-minute webinar, educational coaches Stephanie Adams and Caitlin Powell talk about how we can support children’s strong emotions in virtual, hybrid, and physically distanced classroom environments.

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Webinar Highlights

Children need our help to manage emotions

Children don’t learn how to regulate their emotions on their own. They need their teachers and families to work together to show them how.

Provide support in advance and in the moment

Our constant support lets children know that while their emotions are important and can feel overwhelming, they can be tamed, and you are here to help.

Children can learn to manage emotions in any setting

Children can learn to manage their strong emotions in virtual, hybrid, and physically distant in-person settings. These are important skills that go beyond the four corners of your classroom or computer screen.