Building Strong Relationships During COVID-19

Now, more than ever, fostering relationships with young children is critical to their development


Building Strong Relationships

Educational coaches Stephanie Adams and Caitlin Powell talk about building relationships with young children. They discuss how to stay connected in virtual, in-person, and hybrid learning models.

Teacher and child wearing masks while playing with blocks


Webinar Highlights

Relationships matter--especially for young children!

Relationships between young children and their teachers matter. Relationships don’t just make our students feel warm and fuzzy. Responsive, sensitive relationships allow for children to learn and grow across all areas of development.

Relationships are a gatekeeper of opportunity

The teacher-child relationship is the gatekeeper of opportunity in the classroom. It can be the reason that a child thrives or the reason they struggle in the classroom.

Intentionally build relationships in any setting

Teachers can build and maintain strong, positive relationships in any setting. Our top 3 strategies are to help children see you as a resource, promote autonomy, and communicate with kids.