Fostering Empathy During COVID-19

It is particularly important that we help children develop empathy for others as we navigate this new and challenging time


Fostering Empathy

In this webinar, educational coaches Stephanie Adams and Caitlin Powell present strategies to model and support empathy in virtual, hybrid, or physically distanced classroom environments.



Webinar Highlights

Empathy matters

We teach empathy because we want children to understand how others feel and respond with care and kindness.

We need more understanding and kindness

Everyone is having strong feelings right now. It’s important that children learn about empathy so they can know how others feel and care for them during this hard time.

Empathy takes time for children to develop

The more we share real life examples of empathy, the more natural it will be for children to respond with empathy. In this webinar, we share ways to help children see and show empathy in any learning setting.