Building Self-Confidence

When children feel confident in their abilities, it increases their engagement, motivation, and empowers them to try new things

Young boy excited during center time

What You Need to Know

Self-confidence focuses on whether a child believes they are capable. This can help children see challenging tasks as something to practice rather than something to avoid. It allows them to persevere when things are tough. You can help children develop a healthy sense of self-confidence by giving opportunities for them to try new things and take responsibility. Make sure to value their ideas and contributions and to acknowledge their efforts.

What It Looks Like

A quick glance at how you can help children develop a healthy sense of self-confidence

Recognize Effort

Praise children’s effort rather than their results. This kind of acknowledgement builds their confidence and frees them to take risks when trying new things.

Reinforce Children’s Capabilities

Promote children’s independence and abilities by giving them real roles and responsibilities in the classroom.

Support Independence

Children develop confidence through repeated moments of feeling successful and competent. Encouraging children to complete things as independently as possible provides these kinds of opportunities.