Problem Solving With Others

The skills needed to solve problems are learned just like academic skills – they don’t develop on their own or overnight.

reading in a group with teacher

What You Need to Know

Preschool children are still learning how to effectively resolve disagreements. To do so, they need to take the perspective of another person and understand how their actions impact others. For example, a child is not likely to think about how taking a toy from another child would make that child mad or sad, which stands in the way of finding a safe, fair solution. You can empower children to learn to solve their own problems by helping them to identify the problem, take another child’s perspective, and implement a solution when issues arise.

What It Looks Like

A quick glance at how you can help students to develop their problem solving skills before conflicts occur.

Practice Solving Problems

Encouraging children to think about and practice problem solving can prepare them to come up with solutions to issues happening in the moment.

Problem Solving During Center Time

Foster children’s problem solving skills by having them think and talk about the issue. Then work with them as they explore and agree on a resolution.

Use Solutions Cards

Using solution cards prompts children to find and accept solutions. Supports like this work to build children’s ability to problem solve.