Fostering Core Skills

Explore what children’s social-emotional skills look like and how you can support their development with your everyday interactions

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide materials and guidance to early childhood professionals, so they may support each and every child’s learning. We are committed to gathering and creating resources that represent teachers, children, and families who–historically and presently–are not always fully, accurately, or positively represented in the early childhood community. We are actively working to increase the visibility of children and teachers of color, children with disabilities, and English language learners in our images, video examples, and written resources.

Fostering Relationships

Explore how you can help young children connect with adults, engage with peers, and develop their growing sense of self 

Supporting Self-Regulation

Explore ways you can help young children understand emotions, regulate their behavior, and grow their executive function skills
Regulate Icon
Teacher and baby look at book about feelings together

Recognize and Describe Emotions

child and teacher looking at emotions chart

Supporting Children's Emotions

Child and teacher high five and smile

Supporting Children's Behavior

Baby looking at pile of big building blocks in classroom

Fostering Focus and Attention

following recipe instructions

Developing Working Memory

Classroom with babies and toddlers. Teacher holds a toy, and a toddler boy pretends it is a microphone.

Developing Cognitive Flexibility

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