Building Your Classroom Bookshelf

Browse books you can use to support children’s social, emotional, and self-regulation skills.

Books We Recommend

This library shares children’s books that can be read to foster specific social-emotional skills. Our book recommendations feature diverse authors, illustrators, and characters. Each book is accompanied by a reading guide, which highlights ways you can engage children while also supporting a critical social-emotional skill.


Fostering Empathy and Sense of Self Through Books

In early childhood young children are beginning to develop their sense of self – who they are, what they like, and how they view the world. Young children are also learning how to take the perspective of others, which helps them to grow in their empathy and understanding. This set of selected books celebrates community, diversity, and kindness.


Building Strong Relationships Through Books

Young children’s relationships with their teachers and peers are foundational for learning and healthy development. This series of books highlights teacher-child relationships, peer relationships, and ways to solve social problems as they arise in the classroom.


Developing Self-Confidence Through Books

Young children thrive when they feel confident and excited to explore new ideas and try new things. In this series of selected books, young children get an opportunity to see how they can be confident, be daring, and make a difference.


Supporting Emotions and Behaviors Through Books

Young children are learning to identify, express, and work through a range of different emotions. These books are a great way to help children identify emotions, consider how different characters feel, and learn ways to calm down when they experience strong emotions.


Fostering Executive Function Through Books

Executive function skills play a critical role in our ability to control impulses, develop working memory, and think flexibly to solve problems. These are skills that children will use throughout their lives. We’ve curated a set of books that foster these skills in fun and engaging ways.